The World’s First All Black, All Female Flight Crew

Women are making history yet again!

As Black History Month drew to a close, and with International Women’s Day on the horizon, the timing seemed perfect for Captain Stephanie Johnson and First Officer Dawn Cook to gear up.

Just last year, Delta Airlines named their first black female captain in Stephanie Johnson. This was after 93 years of the airline’s existence. The promotion gained a lot of traction after Johnson was featured by Delta in a series named “Delta’s Very Own Heroes”.

Stephanie has spent the last 20 years as a commercial pilot and is not new to making history, as she was the first black female pilot at Northwest Airlines back in ’97. She currently resides in Detroit.

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As Captain Johnson’s promotion gained traction, Atlanta-based Dawn Cook, who also happened to be a First Officer, was beyond herself when she came to learn that she’d be flying out of Detroit just before March. She immediately contacted Johnson to see if the pair could work something out to fly together.

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Just as Black History Month was about to end, they both got in a cockpit and made history. Photos of the event were shared by friends and family, as well as the Delta social media outlets.

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Together, they did the unprecedented. Cook’s brother-in-law had this to say: “We love you and are so proud! Keep climbing to the highest heights!”

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