The Wonders That Sleeping Naked Can Do For You

I had no idea sleeping naked was so good for your health!

The ultimate form of freedom is undoubtedly that feeling you get when you strip down to your birthday suit. Okay, maybe not everyone agrees, but most of us find it pretty comfortable.

In the National Sleep Survey, it was found that only about eight percent of the American population prefers to sleep completely naked. While some might consider it to be unhygienic, others are of the view that if your body is clean, the benefits of sleeping naked can be countless. This is also proven by science.

Here are some of the benefits of sleeping naked.

Better mornings.

Waking up in the mornings will be easier if you go to bed naked. You’ll wake up feeling refreshed and cleaner than normal, because you won’t have experienced the sweaty and grimy feeling that you would’ve had with your clothes on.


Your better half will truly love it.

What better feeling is there than cuddling up to your significant other in bed after a hard day of work. Turns out, if you’re naked, the feeling is ten times better.

And these aren’t even all the benefits! Sleeping naked does so much for your physical health.

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Your testicles stay clean and healthy.

In addition to reducing the chances of infection by airing out your genitals, sleeping naked can also boost the quality of the sperm. The testicles ideally need to cool down to temperatures that are slightly lower than body temperature, and wearing your underwear to bed can hinder that.

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Bacterial infections can be prevented.

For both males and females, wearing underwear to bed can give way to bacterial infections in the genital areas. If you’re naked, you’re significantly reducing the chances of an infection.


Your body temperature is maintained at the right level.

Instead of sleeping next to a window to cool down your body temperature, stripping down before going to bed will lower your body temperature to just the level that is needed for a good night’s sleep.

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You get glowing skin!

Melatonin and growth hormones are naturally released throughout the night. Sleeping with all those layers on can hinder this release, which in turn doesn’t let the age-fighting hormones work at their optimal level. Sleeping naked lets these hormones be released and freely work on your skin and hair, allowing it to glow more radiantly.


You’ll be more at peace.

Sleeping naked gives you better sleep, and a good night’s sleep will have tremendous effects on your mind. You’ll wake up refreshed and energized, which gives you that early morning boost that is perfect to get through the day.


Sleeping naked also benefits your metabolism.

Scientific research shows that the lower your room temperature is for sleeping, the more healthy fats can be stored within the body. Sleeping naked lowers your body temperature to just the level that is needed for your body to carry out its functions.


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