The United States Deploys Aircraft Carrier To Sit Near Japan

The US Navy is moving their second aircraft carrier to the North Korean Peninsula

The USS Reagan

The USS Ronald Reagan, an aircraft carrier powered by nuclear energy, left US waters today, heading for the Korean Peninsula after its performance review in its base in Japan.The Nimitz carrier will join another ship called the Carl Vinson in the region for training exercises amid escalating conflict with Pyongyang.

Counting the inventory of both ships, they have a total of 90 airplane strike fighters. Rear Admiral Charles Williams said after the ships have sat in maintenance for so long they have to be “integrated properly” in Japan before they can be used in the field.

The primary purpose of the ship is to launch and recover aircraft.

The deployment of the aircraft carrier comes after the North Korean government launched ICBM’s (Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles) near the West Sea of Japan.

ICBM Launch

After they had tested the missiles, the government of North Korea released a statement saying their missiles are capable of hitting US mainland and Pacific areas.

American experts stated North Korea can now launch missiles capable of carrying nuclear weapons that could reach the state of Hawaii if the missile was shot at a regular trajectory.

The USS Carl Vinson ship left the American base last month after increased combat activity by the government of Pyongyang. Donald Trump said there was a chance for “major conflict” with one of the last remaining communist countries in the world.

Tensions have been escalating ever since Trump said he would act without inhibition towards the North Korean government. However, not long after that Donald said he would be honored to meet Kim Jong-Un under the “right circumstances.”

The North has repeatedly said it would not abandon its missile and nuclear programs unless the US ended its hostility toward the country.