The Secret Is Out! Grandfather's Treasure Trove Is Revealed In Armoire's Hidden Compartment

After noticing a lose wooden board, he hit the jackpot!

The chances of winning the lottery are slim to none, at best. But the odds of finding a hidden compartment? Almost unheard of! Good ‘ol grandpa left behind a buried treasure, hidden for years in the family armoire. 

The senior citizen thought he’d forever tucked away his precious keepsakes. In actuality, he couldn’t have been more wrong. Years later, the man’s grandson noticed something a little odd about the inherited piece of furniture.


A deep cleaning session accidentally revealed the armoire’s trick drawer! The man reached for the center board separating the cabinet’s shelves only to discover it wasn’t fixed into place. As it turned out, the divider granted access to a hidden compartment when pulled out!


Upon taking a closer look, the grandson made the most important discovery of all. Buried underneath the dust and wood shavings was Grandpa’s King James pocket Bible. Bound in black leather, the book dated all the way back to 1859!

It’s safe to say, the young man made a once-in-a-lifetime discovery.