The Secret Beauty Tips and Fashion Hacks That Women Absolutely Swear By

Everyone needs to know #11

We understand the never ending fashion game and constantly changing beauty industry can be overwhelming at times! Take note of these simplified tips and tricks that completely eliminate the confusion.


1. Save your drawer space for the less important things! Store makeup using a magnetic option.


2. Highlighting and contouring 101:

The Wonder Forest

3. Keep your boots in tip-top shape using retired pool noodles.


4. Gives your sad soles a mini facelift! Glitter covered heels are all the rage.



5. Get your money’s worth in makeup! Run a tired mascara wand under hot water to achieve brand new bristles.

Miss Natty’s Beauty Diary

6. The many options for tying a scarf:


7. Everyone loves a cat eye! The how-to guide for perfectly winged eyeliner

Philip Friedman / Real Simple

8. Put your sewing skills to the test! Lace is always a nice touch.


9. How to achieve the perfectly cuffed fold in jeans:

it’s always autumn

10. Giving your heels a night off? Add a few baking soda packets to ensure an always fresh scent

Hip Girlie

11. Achieve the ‘perfect pout’ following these simple steps:

Laura Badura

12. Want to maximize the intensity of your lip color? Here’s how:

Amy Nadine / The Beauty Department

13. Relax the day away! Old socks are great options for homemade heating pads.

Lil Blue Boo

14. How to tell if your makeup is past its prime:

i heart organizing

15. Pesky deodorant stain? Erase it with dryer sheets!

Taste Style

16. Some simple fixes for scratched lenses:

Who What Wear


17. From plain to glamorous, take your scented candles to the next level!


18. Not sure what your best shade of nude is? Discover the perfect color match for your skin tone.


19. Hairspray: keeping bobby pins in place with a simple spritz


20. Go from rags to riches all over again! Use a pumice brush to remove lint and pilling fabric.

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