The Rock's Baywatch Co-Stars Are Already Promoting His Presidential Campaign

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson seems to be getting more and more serious about his bid for president.

Dwayne Johnson, also known as “The Rock” hinted at launching a presidential campaign in 2020 with Tom Hanks as his running mate on Saturday Night Live, which prompted Baywatch co-stars to express their positive views on the decision.


The former W.W.E. wrestler who pursued a career in acting unveiled his desire to preside the most prominent power in the world from the White House on Saturday Night Live last weekend, with actor Tom Hanks as his potential running mate.

The announcement originally appeared to be a joke, but since the show’s airing, the actor’s friends from the Baywatch movie began heavily campaigning to anyone who will listen.

Johnson’s pals and co-stars welcomed the prospect of having Johnson as their leader of the free world as they feel that The Rock possess qualities that make him fit for the position.

A Socially Aware and Conscientious President

Priyanka Chopra spoke her mind to Vanity Fair at New York’s premiere of Baywatch, saying,

“Apparently anyone can be president, right? Look at Donald Trump. Why not Dwayne? Honestly, he would be the perfect president, and better than Donald Trump.”

“What would make Dwayne a great president is that he is extremely socially aware and conscientious. He’s very smart and knows what’s going on,” she added. “He’s a natural leader and brings people together. He’s the hardest worker, and he’s always the first one in and the last one out. He’s really inspiring.”

Savvy and Physically Strong

Rob Huebel praises Johnson’s savvy mind and the way he thinks when it comes to business and the economy. Huebel also mentioned that she feels like Trump falls short of Johnson’s business approach.

“Dwayne is a super-funny, smart, driven guy who happens to be a great businessman. Donald Trump is not a good businessman. Donald Trump lost money in the casino business. How do you do that? He’s a dumb-dumb. Dwayne would put him to shame. I’m sure.”

The star also made a witty remark at Johnson’s strength and physique, which would save the White House millions from being spent on homeland security.

“I think we would save a lot of money if he was president because we could really scale down the military,” remarked Huebel.

“We wouldn’t need a wall, or we wouldn’t need so many people to kick ass because The Rock would already be kicking so much ass. If he flies over somewhere in a helicopter with a big machine gun, people would be scared and surrender. So we’d save a lot of money in the military for sure.”