The Photo Album Proving Daniel Radcliffe Is Definitely A Time Traveler

Or maybe he’s the eternal horcrux?

As it turns out, the man who played Harry Potter might actually be able to make magic happen! At least, it certainly appears that way based on these photos! Shown in multiple images throughout different decades while currently alive and well, Daniel Radcliffe is apparently a real-life time traveler! Judge for yourself, but the evidence is pretty clear. 


Let’s take a walk back down memory lane, shall we?

Think back to when Daniel looked like this in the first Harry Potter film.

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Fast forward a few years and he’s no longer a child! We’re just saying … his growth spurt seemed quite sudden.

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Ok. Returning back to the science, what are the chances Daniel would look so similar to Elijah Wood?

The odds have got to be astronomically small. Something fishy is definitely going on here.

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You might want to prepare yourself for the next few slides. Just saying.