The Photo Album Proving Daniel Radcliffe Is Definitely A Time Traveler

Or maybe he’s the eternal horcrux?

As it turns out, the man who played Harry Potter might actually be able to make magic happen! At least, it certainly appears that way based on these photos! Shown in multiple images throughout different decades while currently alive and well, Daniel Radcliffe is apparently a real-life time traveler! Judge for yourself, but the evidence is pretty clear. 


Let’s take a walk back down memory lane, shall we?

Think back to when Daniel looked like this in the first Harry Potter film.

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Fast forward a few years and he’s no longer a child! We’re just saying … his growth spurt seemed quite sudden.

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Ok. Returning back to the science, what are the chances Daniel would look so similar to Elijah Wood?

The odds have got to be astronomically small. Something fishy is definitely going on here.

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You might want to prepare yourself for the next few slides. Just saying.

Keep this picture engraved in your mind.

This is Daniel in 2016.

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Now, why is he wandering a Manchester neighborhood in this 1940s photo?

Adding to the evidence, Daniel looks to be a little spooked! Or is it just us?

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Flashback: The scruffy actor on one of many red carpets this year.

That beard though…


But here he is again, transformed into an adolescent girl of the 1950s in this image!

Even the glasses are the same! That’s no coincidence!

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Here we have Daniel walking an entire neighborhood’s worth of dogs.

It’s super cute that he’s an animal lover by the way!

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But how is that possible when he clearly graduated in the 1970s?

And yes. That is 100% Andy Samberg from Saturday Night Live standing right beside him. Nice hair boys.

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Just as another reminder, here’s a clean-shaven version of the world famous movie star.

This photo is from 2014.

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… and here’s that same clean-cut face painted in a vintage portrait.

My, what a beautiful lady you are Daniel.

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Here’s one of the best! First, let’s look at another image of Radcliffe, the British star of the ‘Harry Potter’ movies.

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And here he is as a 19th century showgirl!

We’re more concerned about the fact Daniel traveled to the 1800s without our knowledge. We’ll put that fabulous pose and puffed up little bow on the back burner … for now.

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So Daniel, uh, just a quick question! Where the hell are you hiding your time machine!?