The Most Insanely Jealous People The Internet Has To Offer

It’s funny how jealousy and insanity seem to go hand-in-hand

Jealousy is a powerful emotion. It rears its ugly head in the most spectacular of ways. From friendships to relationships, it has the power to leave human connections in tatters.

Probably deserved it… NOT.

Imgur | RamenNoodleMan60565

HAHAHAHA, this is actually funny.

Instagram | @bink304

Insecure, much?

No Way Girl

His expression, though…

Meme Super

Another weirdo.

Twitter | @ADrlacic11

Jealous of your own mom? Really?

No Way Girl

“Get away!”

Twitter | @g_dynamo


Reddit | jordendsampson

The queen of them all.

Reddit | ayupbecca

That is a NICE car.

Twitter | @Kwall219

His response is amazing!

Twitter | @pullgodess

Well, they did make the effort of making the cake…

Instagram | @jeveryday90

Siri is quite possessive, you know.

Reddit | mike_pants

“I shall take my revenge, dog!”

Twitter | @juliie240

Taking it to another level.

Instagram | @crazygfsbelike

Better stay away from that one.

Instagram | @its_my_perogative

Crossing the damn line now!

Instagram | @crazygfsbelike

What I would give not to have a sister like that.

Twitter | @callabrugmans

Drugs do this to you…

Meme Guy

Marking his territory.

Reddit | sombrabrz

He probably dumped her…

Twitter | @status

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