The Most Hilarious Misdirected Texts Ever

Get ready to have your funny bone tickled!

Most of us have received a text from a wrong number at least once before. Most of the time, it never goes farther than a simple exchange. But sometimes the conversation takes a weird spiral down the rabbit hole and what comes out is a hilarious situation for all to enjoy.

“I’m a little busy.”

You kinda do.

He made his intentions clear from the start.

“The one you dialed!” / Via

That is actually hilarious.

When you’re desperate.

The gangster.


Read properly, dude.

That was not nice.

Nick Cage is good for everything.

He was ambiguous at first.

Jake is one awesome lad.


Picture for a picture.

Don’t be greedy man; he just wants one.

That’s a downer.

AHAHA sir.

Too late, huh.

A secret store…

He got so prepared!


Same to same.

Helloooo there!

Gangsta fish is dead…

Hickory dickory doo!

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