The Incredible Way This Horse's Life Was Saved Will Bring You To Tears!

This miracle helped the horse see another day!

A stranger’s kindness and generosity saved this adorable horse’s life!


If this group of heroic individuals didn’t intervene, this 12-year-old horse may have passed away before seeing the light of another day again. Scarlett the horse had been tied onto a post in West Virginia. She was in direct line with the sun without any shade around. She didn’t have shelter, food, water, and as extremely malnourished. She was essentially just bones and skin, and was unable to even stand anymore.

Thankfully, one woman saw Scarlett through a fence, after which she began to bring her food, water, and provide her with shelter. Since that day, she, with help from her family, made it her goal to bring the poor horsy bath to health! The footage below documents the recovery process, from malnourishment to running again! It is sure to bring you to tears of joy!

Watch below:

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