The Film Okja Was Halted During The Cannes Film Festival Because Of A Glitch

Audience members booed as the film began

The film Okja for Netflix was halted after a glitch during a screening

The new film, Okja, starring Tilda Swinton and Jake Gyllenhaal, was jeered at by film-goers during the Cannes Film Festival after the Netflix symbol appeared on the screen at the start of the film. Shortly after, it was evident to audience members the film was being screened at the improper size dimensions.

The film has been a contentious topic among film critics because of Netflix’s refusal to screen it in movie theaters in France. After the crowd booed the beginning of the movie, the production was halted and started from the beginning again without any explanation.

Journalists and film critics uploaded video footage of the heckling on social media.

Journalists during the screening of the film

Lauren Turner, a reporter for the British Broadcasting Corporation, said there was shouting all around the venue, and they restarted the film when it was clear that the movie wasn’t playing correctly.

The Cannes Film Festival released an apology saying sorry for the technical difficulties. They apologized to the producers of the film as well as to the audience.

Journalists also heckled the film Wonderstruck, with Julianne Moore, and Michelle Williams, after the symbol of the online shopping store, Amazon, appeared on the screen.

Pedro Almodovar, an executive at the Cannes Film Festival, said he thinks movies should be screened in cinemas if film creators want them to be considered for potential awards.

A screenshot of the film, Okja

Film critic, David Ehrlich, said Okja started, and the film was being played incorrectly, and then the jeering came.

Another critic mocked the Cannes Film Festival saying he gave the festival an “A+” for projecting the film incorrectly.

Elena Lazic, who is an online writer, said it “didn’t start well.”

The film is an American/South-Korean made film about a young girl named Mija who attempts to stop a corporation from taking her genetically engineered pig, Okja.

Jake Gyllenhaal, Bong Joon Ho, and Tilda Swinton

The director of the movie, Bong Joon Ho, said he loved working with Netflix, and it was a special treat considering he was given a lot of money to work with for the production.

Tilda and Jake both stated they enjoyed the experience and are glad the conversation is taking place about who has the proper rights to screen and distribute their artform.