The 'Divorce Selfie' Is Trending

And of course, it’s spreading like wildfire.

When we hear the word divorce, we often think of screaming matches, tense arguments, and even the occasional hair-pulling altercations! But we’re halfway through 2017 already, and way overdue for a new weird trend to hit the internet.

Divorce is getting a makeover with the introduction of the divorce selfie! It started when a woman from Calgary, Canada uploaded the photo of her and her ex-partner outside the Court House with the caption, “We have respectfully, thoughtfully and honourably ended our marriage in a way that will allow us to go forward as parenting partners for our children”.

Well, after that, the rest is pretty much weird history. Couples all over the world have put up divorce selfies after separating legally. Check them out and judge for yourself!


damexican Report

Freedom to part amicably.

emilyrose920 Report

Isn’t it nice that these people can remain friends after their divorce?

davidgomezl Report

One last drink!

emilysaraolsen Report

They seem so nostalgic.

daniel_lebret Report

You guys look a little too happy…

nextgenjustice Report

LOVE the caption!

selfiesfromtheabyss Report

Why does it look like they just voted…

mariagnamelo Report

When you promise to always be friends.

monika.krauze.bou Report

Another army couple parting ways amicably!

thenicoleholt Report

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