The Company Behind Cheerios Is Donating 100 Million Wildflower Seeds To Its Consumers

It’s all part of an effort to save the bees!

Something I noticed as an avid Cheerios fan is that Buzz, the official bee mascot for Cheerios, has been missing recently. I didn’t know if the pressure got to him, if he was on vacation or if he had been abducted, but I was concerned. I wasn’t the only one, as Twitter also noticed.

I don’t know whether a missing persons (bees?) report has been filed or not, but the cause has been revealed.

General Mills has been part of an elaborate attempt to shine some light on a very pressing matter; bees are dying at unprecedented rates.

While I think of poor Buzz being contained in some room because he isn’t allowed to do his job anymore, I realized this is bigger than Buzz.

Bees are responsible for the pollination of roughly 7 out of 10 crops, not just here, but in the entire world.

Now that the guilt has started setting in, it’s important to remember that it’s not too late, and General Mills was the first to remind us of that.

The death rate of bees is becoming a serious global issue and bee-killing pesticides are even being banned in various countries around the world in order to try and help the populations get back on track. The video below will help you learn more.

“We have a bee as our mascot and honey in our product, so we thought somebody should be championing this cause, and we thought that we could be a great champion,” said Emma Eriksson, General Mills Canada, marketing director.

In pursuit of this cause, General Mills is offering wildflower seeds to anyone who wants a few – up to a total of 100 million seeds.


Each person who asks for seeds gets a packet of 500 to plant wherever they please. The seeds aren’t of a specific variety and it is a good idea to plant them in your backyard and let them grow naturally.

Being the Robin Hood of corporations, General Mills has also vowed to plant 3,300 acres of oats in total, by the time 2019 is over.


It’s really nice to see a corporation making such a cool gesture. If more corporations and civilians banded together, the world would be a better place, and it’s awesome to see General Mills with the first touch. What a class move.

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