The Best Tricks To Put Makeup On Hooded Eyes

No more fears of those hoods anymore!

Those of us who live with the inconvenience of hooded eyes have tried all the solutions out there.

It makes putting on makeup a pain like no other. But fear not, for we have the solutions for you here!

A good primer gets you places.

The crease in hooded eyes makes eye shadow spread a bit. This Urban Decay primer, however, can act as the right base for those eyes.

Urban Decay

Choose matte shades.

Matte shades can give the image that hooded eyes are not even present.

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Use false eyelashes.

It makes your eyes look bigger! Here’s how to put them on.

Use that little eyelash curler.

Heat that curler with a hairdryer if you have some hard to bend eyebrows. This is an amazing alternative to fake lashes.

Instagram | @echoviebysusie

Put on some highlight on the inner corner.

Using some glittery and shiny color can lift the shape of those hoods.

Instagram | @rachelkaejenkins

Flick the wing.

Extend the eyeliner wing and curve it up!

Set your eyeliner with a black shadow.

This will prevent eyeliner run-off because of those hooded eyes.

Makeup and Beauty Blog

Make a cut crease.

This swish look makes your hoods appear much smaller.

YouTube | Stephanie Lange

Keep your eyes open while applying make up.

This will show exactly where the creases in your eyes are.

reddit | hobbitqueen

Line the lower lash.

Use a different color from your upper lashes to really make those eyes pop.

Makeup and Macaroons

Pluck your eyebrows.

Plucking allows more space for your make up and gives you more control over the eyes.

Become GorgeousLarry Busacca | Getty Images

Use outspoken colors.

Some dark blue and purple shades can make your eyes look more awake.

Kelly Dougher | Bustle

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