The Awkward Moment When A Hospital Realises Your Baby Was Switched At Birth... Ten Years After She Was Born

When her child was released from incubation, Sophie Serrano immediately knew something was wrong.

20 years ago, Sophie Serrano gave birth to her beautiful daughter Manon.

Sophie Serrano
Sophie Serrano

Because the baby girl had jaundice, she was required to stay in an incubator for four days. When she was returned to her mother, Sophie was immediately suspicious. Her daughter, over just four days, had grown thick, full hair and her skin had darkened. She looked pretty much nothing like the child she gave birth too – something that’s pretty easy to tell for any mother.

Sophie asked the nurse if it was definitely her child, and she was reassured that Manon’s appearance had only changed because of radiation from the incubator. While still somewhat uncertain, she had no choice but to take the nurse’s word and bring home what she assumed was her biological daughter.

Over the next few years, things became stranger. Manon’s skin became more olive as she grew older, her hair became curlier, and she started to look less and less like either of her parents. The community started to take notice, and nasty rumours spread of Sophie having had an affair with the postman – who supposedly then fathered Manon. Many were waiting for Sophie and her husband to divorce.

After 10 years of dismissing the rumours and speculation, Sophie couldn’t handle it any longer, and decided to take a DNA test to prove everyone wrong. The test concluded that Manon was in fact neither parent’s biological daughter. An investigation was launched, and it was revealed that Manon was in face switched at birth all along.

According the hospital, the nurse who handed Sophie the baby was drunk at the time, and not paying attention. The hospital initially refused to pay for the damages, but eventually the court ruled that both families were to receive $2 million each.

Manon is now 20 years old, and both her and the other switched child feel it’s too late now to go with their biological parents. They’re both remaining with the parents who raised them, showing that nurture is just as important, if not more than nature.