The Amazing Moment Students Defend Their Teacher Against an Unreasonable, Violent Classmate

In a tremendous display of respect, an entire classroom prevented an attack from their peer on their elderly teacher

It’s nothing special to see a group of kids ganging up on their teacher, but to see a group of kids actually helping their teacher when confronted by a violent student is a sight for sore eyes…


A teacher in Russia told one of his students to remove his headphones, and was flat out ignored. So, the teacher took the only real option he had, and yanked out the headphones. The kid immediately retaliates with intense anger, screaming ‘You are a bastard!’ before violently hauling himself towards the elderly teacher.

Now, whether the class really respects the teacher or whether they don’t respect the kid – or both – isn’t clear, but what the rest of the class did next was incredible. Immediately, they’re up and intervening, not allowing the unhinged student anywhere near the teacher. While one student had the kid in a headlock, another shouts, “He needs to know that he needs to get right away from here!” They then pushed the kid out of the classroom.

The teacher chose not to press any charges over the attempted assault, but police are investigating the incident after the footage went viral online.