The 3 Minute Film About A Pup And His Human That Will Change The Way You See Life

What a way to put things into perspective…

What started as a simple story between two friends quickly grew to become one of the world’s most famous short feature films. In just three minutes, you’ll be questioning everything you thought you knew about the meaning of life and what it is we’re doing here. 


The clip starts with a young man playing video games, home alone with the blinds shut. As soon as the boy’s mother arrived home, she set a ‘present’ on the coffee table for her son to open before quickly disappearing upstairs.

Even though it was a kind gesture, the character is visibly annoyed by the interruption and not exactly thrilled at what’s inside: an adorable, friendly, little pup.

The boy pulled the golden pooch out of the box only to realize another depressing characteristic of the dog: he was missing his front left leg. Upon that discovery, the young man wanted nothing to do with the animal.

Just like that, the kid threw the present to the wayside, ignoring the dog’s grunts, nuzzles, and barks for attention. Forced to find his own form of entertainment, the tiny animal snagged a ball from underneath the cabinet. Bringing the toy to his new master did not instigate a change in heart. Luckily, something else did.


The pup struggled to maneuver around the grounds of his new home and managed to draw a little chuckle from the young boy. Eventually, the dog’s tipsy topsy and clumsy movements forced a full smile from his new owner!

Before long, the kid couldn’t hold back his affection and picked up the adorable fur ball. It’s clear by the look in their eyes, the two made an unspoken decision to take the red ball outside for a quick game of fetch.

The next few moments are guaranteed to catch any audience member off-guard and hint at what’s to come for both the pup and his human. Completely unique and subtly direct, this 3-minute film is definitely worth the view.