The 21 Most Perfectly Timed Dog Photos Of All Time!

Well-timed photos are glorious. Dogs are amazing. Well-timed dog photos are pure bliss!

Dogs are perhaps the best thing to ever exist. Perfectly timed photos are a miraculous treat. The 21 photos are all of the above and more!

1. Dancing dogs!

2. He looks way happier than he should.

3. Hey man, that’s a great mask!

4. Joyriding

5. What a rebel!

6. The artist must be proud!

7. Rabbit meets kangaroo meets dog meets KISS?

8. Doppelgängers!

9. Fetch!

10. Superdogs

11. Just another driving dogman; nothing out of the ordinary…

12. This dog has a fantastic stylist.

13. Ahh, the winged pup, so rare and majestic!

14. Just checking Insta.

15. The commute.

16. The most adorable girl in the world.

17. Graceful.

18. Something doesn’t seem right here…

19. The world’s best Uber driver.

20. “He’s mine now.”

21. “I’m flying away and I’m never coming back!”