18 Crazy Cool Photos Of The Earth Taken At Just The Right Moment

#17? Mind blowing.

We live in one freaky, insane world, and these photos totally prove it. Capturing some of nature’s coolest events and wildest phenomenon, these pictures are absolutely mind blowing, to say the very least … and yes, they’re 100% real. 

JDN Photography

Our planet never ceases to amaze. The human body, the solar system, and the seven wonders of the world are only a few honorable mentions. Check out these absolutely stunning photographs for more evidence to the case. Happy viewing!

Ever seen a sea turtle riding a jellyfish? Now you have.


Finders keepers! This lucky man is the owner of the Fukang meteorite, estimated to be 4.5 billion years old.


We present to you: the view of a solar eclipse from space.


A flock of birds, traveling through the smoldering and black clouds, appear to be on fire. In actuality, their color is a result of the reflection and shadows of flames beneath them. 


One of many hidden temples within the forests of Kyoto, Japan.


Think your shadow is scary? Check out this one spanning thousands of miles over the earth’s surface.


Here’s one for the adrenaline junkies out there! Next vacation? Kayaking near an erupting volcano on the islands of Hawaii. 


…And the winner for the highest resolution photo of the Orion Nebula is? A telescope (duh).


For those gem and mineral fans, here’s a view of the inside of a fire opal.


Check out the aerial view of the ‘Thor’s Well,’ also known as the ‘gates of the dungeon.’ We can definitely see where the name came from!


Just how big is the Pacific Ocean? This big:

JDN Photography

Only a handful have actually seen a ‘dirty thunderstorm,’ the moment a bolt of lightning strikes an erupting volcano.


Believe it not, this is a photo of our sun! It’s shot in ultraviolet light, diffusing completely new and stunning rays.


The real question is, who’s the brave soul out on the ocean that captured this raging thunderstorm?


The eyes really are the window to the soul. Impressive!

Suren Manvelyan

We’re not sure why, but for some reason this pond in Switzerland froze beaneath the surface in tiny, triangular shapes.


After years of faithful prayer, one monk wore his footprints into the wood!


Exactly how tall is the tallest tree in the world? You’re looking at the 800-year-old monstrosity known as ‘Hyperion,’ standing 379 feet tall.

National Geographic