The 12 Worst Cooking Fails From People Who Think They Can Cook

Some people just weren’t meant to be near an oven.

Are you a good cook? If so, good for you, but not everyone has the culinary skills necessary to turn a bunch of ingredients into something edible, let alone delicious. Here are some examples of people who should stick to frozen foods and take-out meals.

1. The most cooked pizza ever.

Reddit / notagangsta

Remember to always keep an eye on your cooking so this doesn’t happen. Accidentally falling asleep isn’t an option.

2. Having to cook with the equipment you have.

Reddit / charangutan

This is what happens when people borrow your things and don’t return them. You’re left cooking with a jug.

3. When you leave your food in the microwave for too long.

Reddit / ebrandsberg

Or maybe it was just the wrong kind of plate?

4. Time for a new oven I guess.

Reddit / TheGRS

When your oven decides to self-destruct after 15 minutes.

5. Fifty Shades of Grey.

Reddit / whateverthatis

I would hate to see this being served to me.

6. When you don’t have the lid.

Reddit / Alcadain

Sometimes you have to make do with what you have.

7. Serving nachos?

Reddit / gogoepic

Maybe a tennis racket wasn’t the best thing to use.

9. This melted spatula.

Reddit / hkgrx8

When even your spatula has given up.

10. Sunny side down.

Reddit / ctardi

Sometimes it takes more skill to mess up this badly than it does to get it right.

11. The ultimate breakfast casserole?

Reddit / GenevieveMC

The fact that someone has actually eaten from this, I think, is worse than the fact that someone made it in the first place.

12. Kitchen of hell.

Reddit / ihatepandas

This is when you know you were never meant to be in a kitchen.

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