Tennis Champ Rafael Nadal Stops Game to Reunite Lost Girl With Her Mother

When the tennis pro noticed a worried mom looking for her daughter in the crowd, he stopped everything to find her!

A tennis match can mean a lot of excitement for both players and the crowd watching. But for this poor mother and her little girl, it meant a terrifying few minutes.

Tennis pro Rafael Nadal was getting ready to serve during a doubles exhibition match, something that requires some intense concentration. But when he looked away for just a second, he saw something that pulled at his heartstrings – a woman in the crowd with tears streaming down her face. She was looking for her daughter.

When you go anywhere with kids, things can happen in an instant. If you look away for one second and they see something that looks kind of fun, they’ll run for it – without thinking of the consequences, because they’re kids! While we don’t know exactly what happened for this mom and daughter duo, it’s obvious Mom was worried sick, and her daughter was in tears thinking she would never find her mom.

So when Nadal noticed her, he stopped what he was doing to prepare for his serve and had everyone wait until the little girl was reunited with her mom in a very happy moment for everyone there!

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