Teenage Boy Shaves His Head After 9 Years Of Dreadlocks. His Mom's Expression Is Priceless!

This is what happens when you make a major transition and don’t tell your mother.

Maximillian and Melanie are parents who believe in letting their kids make their own decisions. Even if one of those decisions includes their teenage son rocking heavy dreads for 9 years.


Jordan, their teenage son, had been growing out his dreads ever since he was a little boy. The family was used to seeing him in dreads, and they couldn’t picture him without them.

However, Jordan, like most teenagers, wanted to experiment with his look. Try something different. It was time to drop the dreads.

He didn’t tell Melanie about it though, and the moment of truth has been documented in the video below. Her reaction is priceless!

Jordan took Maximillian into his confidence, and together they chopped off and shaved his head while Melanie was away. When she got back home, she found herself greeted by a whole new kid.

In the video below, she’s so shocked and confused that she actually breaks down in tears!

The next day, Jordan was taken to an awesome barber by his father to get a fade haircut. The transformation is something you need to see.

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