Teen Guitar Prodigy Looks Super Bored As She Gives An Incredible Performance Of Beethoven

She’s only 17 and she’s already making waves

Sometimes it feels like regardless of how great you are at a skill or talent, there is always someone out there better than you…

For example, you think you’re an awesome swimmer, then someone comes up and does faster laps than you. They even make it seem so incredibly easy, you feel like you may as well hang up the swimsuit and learn to bike instead.

Of course it’s normal to feel this way. Some people just have incredible natural talents that no one else can match, no matter how much practice they have. When you meet someone like that, the best thing you can do is be supportive and sit back and enjoy the show- take this teen guitar prodigy for example.

Meet Tina S., a teen guitar genius. You know she’s a teen because of how bored she looks by every insanely cool thing she’s doing.

If you never heard of young Tina S., you’re definitely missing out. Check out her YouTube site, this girl can straight shred!

YouTube | Tina S

Watch those fingers fly! Now we can see how that teen boredom look might actually be intense concentration.

Or maybe it’s just that easy for her?

YouTube | Tina S
YouTube | Tina S

Seriously though, the girl looks like her dad told her to show off to his friends and she just wants to scroll through her Instagram instead. Is she even aware of how awesome she is?

YouTube | Tina S

Even if you’re not a fan of rock or you’ve never played an instrument before, you will surely appreciate her absolute mastery of the guitar.

You just need to take a look at her insanely awesome rendition of the Moonlight Sonata by Beethoven below.

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