Teachers Reveal 14 Of The Most Unusual Names They've Seen On Their Student Class Lists

Poor kids, their parents must be so cruel to give them a name like Pennis.

Bringing a new little one into this world is often preceded by ruthless planning, preparing, and most importantly, picking out a name that you feel is absolutely perfect…

So with all of that preparation, how did some of these parents come up with these names? They hold the power to affect the rest of their childrens’ lives. Their name will follow them through school into their careers, and of course, their social lives. So it’s probably a decision they need to take rather seriously.

Things begin to get tricky as parents or guardians try to get a little too creative- just ask these 14 kids! A few teachers were told to post some of the most bizarre names they have encountered throughout their teaching careers, and believe us when we tell you, these kids definitely had a rough go at it.

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1. Peachtreanna

Flickr / beautifulcataya

If it isn’t obvious, she’s originally from Georgia.

2. Pennis

Flickr / Denis Mihailov

Kind of like Dennis, just with the letter P. They couldn’t have picked any other consonant?

3. Neo

Flickr / 婠 玥

Guess whose parents loved the movie The Matrix?

4. Civic Celebration

Flickr / Jay

Community service is just their thing.

5. Poultry

Flickr / Gep Pascual

Why do that to your kid?

6. Princess

Flickr / rjp

It isn’t just her, her siblings’ names are Crowned Prince, Prince, Princess Modica-Nordica, and Prince Mowgli. Someone stop this family.

7. Indiana Jones

Flickr / Michael Kordahi

Setting some standards for your kids, huh?

8. Mrs. Poo

Flickr / maggielovejun


9. Ice Cold

Flickr / Carlos Andrés Reyes

Imagine if he turns out to be a really sweet guy who works in a library.

10. Peonme

Flickr / Paw Paw

What even is this?

11. Mister

Flickr / Christiaan Briggs

They just wanted everyone to call their kid Mister.

12. Wanna Smoke

Flickr / tomoyukinoshita

Now that’s too mean.

13. Starshyt

Filckr / Jim Epler

This couple shouldn’t have been allowed to have children at all.

14. Porn

Flickr / Tracy the Astonishing

Poor little guy.

If you think your name is weird, just remember Mrs. Poo, the 6 year old girl running around hating her life.