Teacher Engages Student 'Firing Squad' to Punish Student For Chewing Gum

Student reveals traumatic experience of being humiliated and physical punished by teacher and students in class…

Zoey Zapfe, a 15-year-old student from Stevenson, WA, came out about how her teacher liked giving “wicked” punishments.

Kem Patteson, the “wicked teacher,” kept a Wheel Of Misfortune to determine unusual punishments. Zoey was asked to spin the wheel when she was found chewing gum in class.

Zoey says that she was just chewing in class when she was asked to spin the wheel, and that’s perfectly normal in their class.

Zoey’s punishment was to stand before a “firing squad.” In this case the firing squad comprised the rest of her classmates who had to launch rubber pellets at her.

Zoey clearly said that she didn’t want to participate in this kind of a ‘disciplinary action’, but the teacher merely said “too bad” and she got pelted anyway!

Zoey said the punishment was painful, especially when the rubber pellets came from the boys. Another video surfaced in which another boy was in the receiving end of this firing squad. He was clearly humiliated and was hiding his face as his classmates gleefully pelted him.

Patteson defended herself saying she had been doing this for two years. Some kids said that you could trade in the punishment for a lunch detention, but Zoey insists she wasn’t given an option.

Zoey wishes that the wicked teacher gets fired for subjecting kids to such humiliation.

Patteson has been placed under administrative leave while an investigation is conducted by a third-party.

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