Take A Look At What The Mean Girls Stars Look Like Today

Ah the nostalgia!

Mean Girls is an iconic movie that we all loved as kids! From the cast to the sets, everything was exceptional; you couldn’t help but love it! The popular teen move was released exactly 13 years ago. Mean Girls was an important part of our childhood, but how are the cast looking these days? Let’s find out.

1. Jonathan Bennett as Aaron Samuels.

Paramount Pictures / Rich Polk / Getty Images

Scenes between Lindsay Lohan and Bennet always made Lohan blush, because she was awestruck by him.

2. Lindsay Lohan as Cady Heron.

Paramount Pictures / Chance Yeh / Getty Images

Originally, Regina’s role was to be played by Lohan. The producers ended up giving her the role of Cady because fans did not want to see her as the mean girl.

3. Amanda Seyfried as Karen Smith.

Paramount Pictures / Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Amanda almost played Regina, but her role was then switched to that of Karen because the producer, Lorne Michaels, wanted Amanda to play the naive character.

4. Amy Poehler as Mrs George.

Paramount Pictures / Kevork Djansezian / Getty Images

The actress that played the mother of Regina is just seven years older than Rachel McAdams.

5. Lizzy Caplan as Janis Ian.

Paramount Pictures / Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

Real life musician, Janis Ian, was the inspiration behind the name of Janis’ character. Ian was also the first ever musical guest that performed on the popular show, Saturday Night Live.

6. Rachel McAdams as Regina George.

Paramount Pictures / Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

While the main actresses all played characters who were in high school, there is an age difference of almost eight years between Lindsay Lohan and Rachel McAdams.

7. Tina Fey as Ms Norbury.

Paramount Pictures / Theo Wargo / Getty Images

Originally, Ms Norbury was meant to get busted for selling ecstasy at the end of the movie. The ending was to then show that she found Kevin selling the drug, so she takes it and puts it away in her writing desk. But based on a hunch by Brook, the police end up searching her drawer.

8. Rajiv Surendra as Kevin Gnapoor.

Paramount Pictures / Taylor Miller / BuzzFeed

Lindsay Lohan, along with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, made a film of themselves rapping to Kevin G to make Rajiv better understand and copy the actions of the character.

9. Daniel Franzese as Damian.

Paramount Pictures / Jerod Harris / Getty Images

In the scene where Damian sings “Beautiful” in front of a supposedly large crowd on the day of the talent show, it was actually only his mom sitting in the audience.

10. Lacey Chabert as Gretchen Wieners.

Paramount Pictures / Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images

In addition to playing the role of Gretchen, Lacey has been the voice behind several popular cartoon characters. These include The Wild Thornberry’s Eliza Thornburry, and Meg from Family Guy.

11. Tim Meadows as Mr Duvall.

Paramount Pictures / Frederick M. Brown / Getty Images

At first, the producers did not want to cast Amy Poehler or Tim Meadows. Both of them had been cast members on the show, Saturday Night Live, and hence the studio didn’t want people to see Mean Girls as “an SNL movie”.

12. David Reale as Glenn Coco.

Paramount Pictures / Joseph Fuda / imdb.com

David was never truly a part of the credits of the movie, even though he served as inspiration behind one of the most significant lines of Mean Girls.

13. Daniel DeSanto as Jason.

Paramount Pictures / Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

Originally, Jason was supposed to ask Cady if her cherry was popped, but the line had to be changed to “is your muffin buttered?” to prevent it turning into an R rated movie.

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