Take A Look At These 12 Gorgeous Plum Manicures, You Won't Be Able To Resist!

After you see these beautiful designs, you’ll wonder why you never tried out plum nail polish before!

This year, plum has become one of the most trending colors, it’s everyone’s favorite!

Plum ranges from a bright, pinkish-purple, to a deep purple that is sure to stun! As dark, edgy colors have begun to gain popularity, plum perfectly encompasses all shades. Take a look at some of the styles you’ll be seeing this year:

1. Floral accent look best with shades of plum! How cute is this?

Ink361 | @lieve91

2. You can’t deny how classy these gold accents are.

Instagram | @nailboxco

3. This glossy, solid plum is absolutely gorgeous!

Miss Lindsay Lane

4. These are a perfect match! The gold striping tape even matches the nail’s triangular shape.

tumblr | inessilveira

5. These sharp, deep plum nails look wonderful in matte.

Instagram | @claire_gwynne

6. A glittery accent is always welcomed.

Instagram | @nailenvybyjennifer

7. A plum ombre? Yes please!

Stuff Point

8. This plum is so dark it’s almost black! So pretty!

tumblr | unasy-esmalte

9. This fall look is perfect for Halloween!

Glitter and Nails

10. Finally! A color that works with both silver and gold!

Instagram | @nailsbywendy

11. Yet again, the glitter accents win it!

Instagram | @nailpolismuseum

12. Floral and a little glitter? Sign us up!

Instagram | @hashtagnailpolish

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