Stray Dog Gets Soaked In A Parking Lot, Then A Friendly Stranger Covers Her In A Blanket

Animal lover is heartbroken when she spots this dog all alone

When this kind animal lover spotted a shivering dog in a parking lot, she couldn’t just walk away.

Facebook / Valinda Cortez

Valinda Cortez is an active animal lover who spends her free time trying to help abandoned dogs.

One day, Valinda was doing some shopping. She pulled into the parking lot of a local convenience store and went to head inside, but that was when she noticed a stray dog.

The animal was completely drenched and all on its own, sitting in the middle of the parking lot.

Facebook / Valinda Cortez

Fortunately, Valinda didn’t just walk away. She knew exactly what to do, and she shared her story on Facebook.

“This morning I came across this pitiful, wet, cold, hungry baby. After a while of feeding her beef jerky and dog food, we finally got a leash on her.

I’m not sure where she came from, but I hope she never has to go back.”

Facebook / Valinda Cortez

“She had an obvious eye infection. Her hair was matted. She had an open wound on her leg. I was out there in the rain for an hour and was freezing.

She had been out there alot longer than that so I can’t imagine how she was feeling.”

Facebook / Valinda Cortez

“I had blankets and dog food in my car that were supposed to go to the shelter.

They were definitely put to good use this morning.”

Facebook / Valinda Cortez

“Thank you, my wonderful friend, Sue Massi, for coming to get her. You are the best.

#SavingLives #RescuedIsMyFavoriteBreed”

Facebook / Valinda Cortez

Valinda’s buddy, Sue, is also a big animal lover. When she heard about the stray, she drove straight down to see Valinda and, together, they transported the poor dog to a nearby shelter.

The dog, named Cassie, was given food and love at the shelter and is now looking much happier and healthier.

Facebook / Valinda Cortez

“There are always options,” said Valinda, “What if I ignored this cold, wet, hungry dog and kept driving? She could have froze to death, been hit by a car or numerous other things.

It’s not that hard to find a shelter that will take your animal.”

We’re thankful that Valinda spotted Cassie and helped her out. We can learn a lot from people like this and it’s always important to do what we can for abandoned or injured animals.

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