Store Clerk Got Chills Watching Strange Man Lead Woman To ATM And Stepped In To Become A Hero

His gut told him something wasn’t right.

Manveer Komer was working at the local gas station the night the odd-looking couple walked in. Refusing to let the clearly frightened woman leave with the aggressive man, Komer potentially saved her life. 


The gas station attendant knew instantly something wasn’t right. Walking into the convenience store, the man and woman headed straight towards the ATM hidden in the back corner. After the machine denied the transaction, the mysterious couple headed to the counter and proceeded to buy cigarettes.

Right then and there, Komer knew he had to step in and refused to let the seemingly scared woman leave his sight. The brave gas station employee maneuvered himself in between the two individuals, blocking the entrance to the store with his body.

“You come behind my back. I help you. No problem,” Komer said while protecting the frantic victim from harm.

In the very telling surveillance video, Komer is shown standing his ground, even after the suspect in question reaches into his pocket to pull out a weapon. In the end, it was just a coward’s hoax. The man immediately turned around and fled in the car he’d actually stolen from the woman only hours before.

Apparently, the man had forced the poor woman to drive around town and withdraw outrageous amounts of cash from various ATMs. Komer was the only one to make a citizen’s arrest and step up to the plate. As it turned out, he became a hero in the process.

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A gas station clerk foiled a kidnapping attempt.