Stay Away From Peeps-Flavored Oreos

You can thank us later

Everybody knows that peeps-flavored Oreos are an acquired taste. There’s apparently a huge market for this weird amalgam of vanilla biscuits and marshmallow-flavored creme. But then again, who am I to judge?

Now, while they don’t really compare to the classics, it is my personal opinion that the overall taste of these Oreos is just okay. This is not to say that I hate sweet stuff, it’s just that I’m selective with it. However, recent reports of people complaining about tongue discoloration after eating the Oreos had me thinking I dodged a bullet.

But when I saw the extent of the pink discoloration, I thought I dodged a firing squad.

Even notorious food blogger, Junk Food Guy, took to social media to vilify the Peeps-Flavored Oreos for his VERY pink tongue. He wrote:

Dude, the creme turned my saliva bright pink! BRIGHT PINK! This is sort of horrifying – this is the type of food dye where an hour later, when I went to brush my teeth, IT TURNED MY TOOTHBRUSH PINK. What the heck. WHAT THE HECK.

Limited Edition Peeps Oreo! Found at: Target, Meijer, Walgreens, Winco, Jewel-Osco #thejunkfoodaisle

Objavu dijeli The Junk Food Aisle (@thejunkfoodaisle)

This has started a mass social media trend where people share how the cookies have affected their lives.

Tongue selfies are totally becoming a thing.

Don’t eat peeps flavored Oreos guys… #peepsoreos #peepsoreo #pink

Objavu dijeli Sarah Kistler (@sarahsmil_e)

There’s even pink poop…

Mondelez International’s communication manager, Kimberley Fontes has spoken up:

“Certain foods can temporarily color the tongue and inside of the mouth. This is common with brightly colored products such as ice pops, gelatins and drink mixes, as well as with certain fruits and vegetables, including beets and cranberries.”

Yeah, I’m not buying that. My poop has always been the same color and I’m glad it’s still the same. Consider yourselves warned!

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