Spotify Hacked and Thousands of Account Details Posted Online

The Leak Boat, the group that recently leaked nude celebrity photos, took responsibility for the hack.

Spotify, the music-streaming app, has been hacked overnight, with thousands of users’ login details posted publicly. The hack group, “The Leak Boat” is claiming responsibility. 


Spotify has reportedly been hacked, and thousands of account details have been posted online. Spotify is only the most recent victims of a string of cyber attacks. Recently, Microsoft Windows personal computers, Dafont, and Zomato have all been victims of cyber attacks.

The Hack

“The Leak Boat,” a hack group, claimed responsibility for the attack, claiming that it has posted 9,000 users’ login details on a public website- Ghostbin. It tweeted saying: “9,000 #Spotify accounts, enjoy.”

However, the data on Ghostbin only shows login information for around 6,410 accounts. Anyone who goes to the site can us one of the passwords and login to users’ accounts.

Was I Affected?

If you would like to make sure your account is not one of those whose details have been made public, you can search for your username at the website: Instead of scrolling through all accounts, press CTRL F (or Command F on Macs), and a search window will appear, in which you can write your username.

If you find your username on the site, change your password right away- preferably to something different than your last password and a lot more secure. Recommendations for strong passwords include combining alphabet letters and numbers, as well as special characters.

The Leak Boat

The Leak Boat has been responsible for several hacks before Spotify. Although some hacks have often been associated with acts of justice or altruism, such as those performed by the hacking group Anonymous, The Leak Boat has been a part of a few immoral hacks.

For example, in celebration of reaching 600 Twitter followers, and in hopes of getting more followers, the Leak Boat promised to upload 10 more private sexual videos and photos of celebrities. It has publicly shared private content from many celebrities already including Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Lawrence and Jillian Murray.