Soon-To-Be-Parents Fool Family And Friends With Fake Interview That Ends Up A Creative Pregnancy Reveal

The look on their faces say it all!

Learning you’re going to be a parent is an extremely joyous and emotional occasion for families. Breaking the news to your nearest and dearest is always an invigorating and cherished moment for everyone involved.

With times like these, there is always a new and exciting challenge ahead. In the old days, a simple house call or visit to the relatives was how people used to share their exciting news. Today however, people have started inventing new and creative ways to share their pregnancy news with the ones they love.

Thanks to the internet, they are now available for the world to join in and experience the thrills of these surprising reveals!

The clip below shows this couple’s special way they decide to share their good news, and its definitely worth the watch!

As the soon-to-be-parents set up an interview-style video with their family and friends, they have no idea about the surprise they’re in for. The camera keeps shooting, and as they reveal their news, the couple put their strong sense of humor to use with a replay of their family’s reaction in slow-mo!

Their faces clearly show just how joyous and excited everyone is for the couple, let alone each micro expression displayed in a heartwarming slow motion setting.

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