Little Boy's Christmas Wish Comes True After Deployed Dad Surprises Him At School Pageant

It’ll be a very merry Christmas for this family…

The little boy didn’t want a new toy, a puppy, or the latest video game for Christmas. In a heartfelt letter to Santa, James Croot explained he just wanted his deployed father home for the holidays. What happened next was nothing short of a Christmas miracle. 


Serving overseas for the past 9 months, Sgt. Aaron Croot missed quite a bit of his son’s life: his first day of 2nd grade, birthday parties, ice cream dates, everything. Thankfully, he wouldn’t miss one of the biggest events of all: the school Christmas pageant.

The children were asked to write a letter to Santa explaining their Christmas wish list. Looking dashing in a vest and red bow-tie, little 7-year-old James walked up to the microphone. Standing on stage, he read aloud what he wanted most this holiday season.

“I love you when you are away from me, and I love you so much when you are near me,” James read. “I love you when you are deployed, and I miss you so bad.”

Right then and there, Sgt. Aaron popped out from behind the corner and instantly rushed towards his son. Hugging one another for the first time in nearly a year, the father and son shed a few tears of joy before graciously letting the school performance continue.

Thankfully, every moment of the heartwarming reunion was caught on camera!

In a beautiful Christmas miracle, Santa granted James’ wish almost instantly.

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