Some Truly Mind-Boggling Pictures

Brainteaser has a new definition!

There are days when all of us experience a foggy head. This makes us sluggish and lazy at work. But these pictures are in a league of their own. They’ll have your brain turn into mush!

This doesn’t look right…

Reddit | [deleted]

Ow, my brain!

Reddit | [deleted]

That’s actually really cool.

Reddit | y0us1rn4me

This is cooler!

And actually a sculpture!

Imgur | Phonedojo

Long legs there, man!

Imgur | charsiubox

Compare it to its reflection.

Reddit | rembot

Merpeople are real!

Islands making a cello!

Reddit | Icanhazcomment

Ooooh, the pain!

Reddit | tek0011

Check out the shadow!

Reddit | lo_and_be

Ooops, little accident there, mister!

Reddit | CptSandbag73


Reddit | [deleted]

A magician’s dog.

Reddit | esquonk

This is giving me a headache!

Reddit | SovietSteve

Interesting creature, no?

Imgur | Stephanwolf

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