Some Translations Of Your Dog's Most Common Habits

Your furry little cutie has a lot to relay to you!

Dogs are some of the most lovable animals on the planet. Loyal and incredibly affectionate, they can be great friends.

But knowing your dog’s body language is important. After all, it’s the only form of communication that your pup has with you. So here’s a list of translations for your dog’s most common behaviors.

Just plain staring at you as you leave the house.

This actually means your dog is fine to stay without you at home. Any other nervous reaction like barking or throwing a tantrum can be a sign of separation anxiety.

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Lazy yawns.

Dogs only yawn so comfortably with you if they like your company. If so, they will also yawn when you do out of empathy.

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Curling into a ball.

This relays timidness or fear. If a dog does this without any reason, it probably means they’ve been abused.

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Occupying your bed.

This means they want to be with you, rather than your bed. Unless you have allergies or asthma, it’s fine to let them do that.

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Yawning excessively.

Yawning without reason or unless you’re yawning is a sign of trouble. This could mean they’re stressed.

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Lifting one paw into the air.

If your pup has their head down while doing this, then they’re readying themselves to hunt.

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Flicking the tongue too much.

Usually a sign of discomfort.

Paws Abilities

Lying on your feet.

A sign of increased affection. The reason behind it might be separation anxiety or they might be trying to show their love for you.

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Fetching random stuff for you.

This is a sign your dog wants to gift you something they think you might need!

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Leaning against you.

Hugging you makes your dog feel safer and loved.

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Gnawing on furniture.

This means they’re bored or lonely. It can also be a sign of tooth pain.

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Always staring at you.

There’s been research that has proved this is a sign of affection.

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