Some Of The Most Beautiful Cultural Wedding Outfits From Around The World

Weddings and culture!

Weddings are a festive occasion that everyone enjoys. Friends and family show their love to the happy couple and have some fun with them. Whether it is dancing, catching the bouquet, crying at the wedding vows or spending time at the open bar, weddings are definitely fun and memorable.

At your typical wedding, you’ll find that the bride is a vision in white and the groom is dashing in black. It’s traditional and beautiful. But sometimes the couple incorporates their own culture into their wedding and the results are also pretty spectacular.

The clothes can be colorful and unique, like the red at a Chinese wedding, and the dances are even more fun with Bollywood songs at Indian weddings. Weddings all over the world have their own unique style, so let’s take a look at 16 traditional wedding outfits from around the world.


Japanese keep it simple, but unique. The groom wears a black kimono and the bride wears a gorgeous white silk hood called a tsunokakushi, which is representative of humbleness and modesty.

Flickr | Timothy


Capes and crowns? This looks like a royal wedding!

Alfaaz Photography


The bride and groom here are matching rather than wearing contrasting colors and it looks phenomenal. The intricate designs on their dresses makes them stand out even more.



Yet another matching couple! The white theme is looking pretty majestic! And the bride’s headdress is outstanding.

The Moroccan Culture


India is known for its colorful weddings. The bride wears the traditional saree or lehnga. However, the style also varies according to her region because India has a several different cultures within it. Red is the color of love, fertility, and happiness, so the bride and groom both favor it. Indian weddings are also pretty grand, with events going on for an average of three days! That’s a whole weekend of partying!

Instagram | @rani_in_silk


Bulgaria follows a very ancient tradition in which the bride’s face is painted white and her in-laws adorn her with colorful sequins.

The Guardian

Sri Lanka.

In Sri Lanka, the groom likes to dress up just as much as the bride and we love that!

Lanka Celebrity Gallery


The groom’s headpiece is also beautiful, but the bride’s one takes my breath away!

Instagram | @naturalklasikbali


Traditionally, the bride is supposed to stand out, but not in Norway! The bridesmaids are dressed just like the bride so that it confuses any evil spirits and keeps her safe.

Folk Costume and Embroidery


Both bride and groom are pretty dressed up here! The groom is killing it with his furry hat, sunglasses, and leopard print skirt. Culture at its best!



Pakistani weddings are similar to Indian weddings. Events last several days and brides wear red, while the groom wears the traditional Sherwani (which is the long shirt the groom is wearing).

Instagram | @xpressions.insta


This looks like the perfect summer wedding, complete with a flower crown!

Flickr | Vladimir Pustovit


Those bright colors are absolutely stunning!

Instagram | @akiboatimpressions


The feather fan is a common accessory for a Nigerian bride. The blue and white makes for a great contrast!

Instagram | @klalaphotography


Here’s to the couple that matches exactly on their wedding day!

Instagram | @paultenyom


Brides in Scotland wear the traditional white dress, while the groom wears a kilt from his clan. After the ceremony, his wife wears a tartan shawl, which has the same pattern as the kilt. It is a symbol of her becoming a part of his clan and it goes great with the white dress!

Tait Photography

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