Soccer Star Cristiano Ronaldo Has Just Saved A Kennel Of 80 Dogs

His help has prevented the kennel from going bankrupt and closing down.

Professional sportsmen and women are expected to be generous philanthropists these days. With the sheer amount of money they rake in after each performance, it seems only normal that they should use that cash to help out the less fortunate. Fortunately, many of them really do meet those expectations and give away lots of their money for noble causes.

Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the most well-known soccer (or football) stars in the world. Even those who don’t watch any soccer at all know the man and his deeds. Known as a very expressive guy on-field, he has his share of haters and naysayers. But Cristiano has yet again proved them wrong by saving a dog kennel in Portugal from being closed. This includes saving the lives of the kennel’s 80 dogs!

The Cantinho da Lili kennel in Portugal had accepted their imminent closure when Ronaldo suddenly came to their rescue.

Facebook | Cristiano Ronaldo

Cantinho da Lili has a reputation for providing the best treatments to its dogs, but those treatments are also pretty expensive. This became a financial strain that led to its bankruptcy.

However, a volunteer at the kennel knew the Ronaldo family. After she spoke to the family about the kennel’s struggles, word reached Cristiano himself.

Facebook | Cantinho da Lili

This isn’t the first time Cristiano has shown his charitable side. He is currently an ambassador for Save the Children, and was awarded the title of the World’s Most Charitable Athlete in 2015!

To save the kennel, Ronaldo donated a signed jersey that was to be auctioned off. All the money raised would be used for correcting the kennel’s financial straits.

Facebook | Cristiano Ronaldo

Although it may not seem like much, a signed jersey up for charitable auction can get over a hundred thousand dollars, especially if it was signed by the top soccer player in the world.

“I want to thank Ronaldo from the bottom of my heart,” said Liliana Santos, the kennel’s owner. “It’s a simple gesture, but very important.”

Facebook | Caninho da Lili

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