So, Turns Out We're Not Burning As Many Calories During Sex As We Thought...

It has long been said that we burn around 200 calories every time we have sex – but apparently this number is way, way off

At any given moment, there’s at least one person who has just had sex, thinking about the incredible calorie burning they’ve just accomplished.


Those people are apparently completely misguided.

For years now, the general consensus has been that every time we have sex, we’re burning about 200 calories. That’s about the same as a pint of beer. A lot of people have more beer than they have sex, so it’s always been a crucial aspect of the exercise regimen. It’s certainly more enjoyable than anything at the gym…


However, recent research has shown that we were way off about the productivity of doing the deed. The New England Journal of Medicine recently published a study on obesity, where one man, in his early 30s, was tasked with having sex with a woman for six minutes – which is supposedly the average duration – and his burnt calories were measured afterwards.

The study found that during sex we actually burn a measly 21 calories.

Yeah, just 21. To put it into perspective, a single slice of fat-free American cheese contains 30 calories…


Now, there is a silver lining. The lucky dude who was subject to the study wasn’t required to orgasm, and this supposedly made quite a significant impact on the findings. As a matter of fact, the flow of endorphins, the rush of blood, and the ejaculation of sexual fluids all cum together to burn off an additional 60 to 100 calories! (On a side note, “the flow of endorphins, the rush of blood, and the ejaculation of sexual fluids” is probably the most unappealing way you could ever describe an orgasm.) Just know that every time you get your partner to climax, you’re doing them a real solid.


Now, I’m just throwing it out there, but it seems as though some people work a little harder than others when it comes to sex… Kinda like when you’re on a treadmill; some folks go Level 3, and others haul ass at Level 11. A bit like that. So, I’m not sure, this all seems very circumstantial to me – but the moral of the story is, go as hard as you can for as long as you can and make sure you climax, and you can have all the fat-free American cheese slices you so desire!