Sister Saves Brothers From Foster Care By Adopting Them

The 21-year-old marine was determined to save her brothers from the childhood she had.

Melissa is a 21-year-old marine who set out to accomplish something that most young women never have to think about: adopting her two younger brothers.


While Melissa’s mother spent years in and out of jail, Melissa spent years in and out of foster care. Now, she is determined to save her brothers from the same fate.

She became a marine because she craved the structure and discipline that she didn’t have growing up. This character and willpower is what drove the young lady to appeal before a judge for the custody of her two younger brothers, JJ and Christian.

Melissa has never been able to live with them before, which makes their pending reunion all the more special.

Worried the judge may see her as too young and immature, her two supportive friends are going along for the 2,000 mile ride across the country.

Upon hearing about Melissa and her cause, Prank It FWD couldn’t help but get involved.

They armed the girls with a new phone, food and $500 of gas money for their three day road trip to Alabama.

Miraculously, the court granted Melissa custody of her brothers.

Melissa, dressed in her marine uniform, then went off to her brothers’ school to see them for the first time in six years.

She enters the first classroom to tell one brother the happy news.

Tears follow.

Hand in hand, they walk to the next brother’s classroom to tell him the happy news.

Even more tears follow.

Back in California, with one month’s rent paid for by Prank It FWD, they are given one more surprise: a brand new Toyota Rav 4. Melissa even got to choose the colour.

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