Single Daughters Set Up Wedding Photoshoot with Elderly Father Who Has Alzheimers

The 23-year-old twins knew the likelihood of having him around on their big days was slim.

Sarah and Rebecca Duncan, identical twin sisters from Grapevine, Texas, say that their dad Scott is their “superhero.” When the reality of his age and poor health set in, the girls decided to make a special memory. 

Growing up, the now 23-year-old twins had Scott as a loving, doting father but when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2012, everything changed.

As his condition started to take hold, Scott’s memories began to fade.

For two whole years Sarah and Rebecca both put their college dreams on hold to become Scott’s full-time carers while their mother worked to support the family.

In the summer of 2016, Scott turned 80 and was ready to move into a proper care facility that could better treat his condition. Knowing that their days with their father were becoming numbered, the girls were inspired by an idea they saw online.

“We just wanted to have the memory of us with our father on our wedding day, and we knew there was a chance that we won’t have him there.” Sarah explained.

Amazingly, the dresses, flowers and photos were all donated for the moving photoshoot.

The twins say that Scott won’t remember the day, but the young women will always have the memory and photographs to look back on.

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Neither Sarah nor Rebecca Duncan are engaged but the 23-year-old twins jumped at the chance to wear wedding dresses. The twins' father suffers from Alzheimer's disease and the girls know there is a chance he will not be at their weddings. So they set up a photo shoot for all three of them to create memories that would last a lifetime. Dressed in donated wedding gowns and holding bouquets, the Duncans posed in a neighbor's front yard as a photographer took very special pictures.