'Singin' In The Rain' Actress Debbie Reynolds Stuns With Lightning Fast Footwork In 50s Musical

She was such a talent!

In honor of her recent passing, we’re paying tribute to Debbie Reynold and her star-studded, highly successful career. As one of the world’s most famed dancers, her passion for showbiz and entertainment was evident in hundreds of dance routines, reels of film footage, as well as her spunky personality. 


It all began with a beauty pageant. After winning the first place ribbon as a young and beautiful teen, Reynolds snagged a contract with the ever popular Warner Bros. corporation.

From there, the multi-talented dancer and actress moved her way up the ladder, eventually starring alongside Hollywood greats, Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen, in the classic musical ‘Singin’ In the Rain.’

Loved by many and remembered for decades, the film showcased Reynolds’ extraordinarily speedy and precise footwork. In fact, her dance routine is still referenced as one of the most difficult to master in the history of choreographed movement. Way to go Debbie!

Over the years, the catchy show tune managed to creep into the likes of TV commercials, daytime talk show chimes, and numerous vocal competitions.

Odds are, you’ve probably heard the tune even if you haven’t seen the movie itself. That said, you’d better take a quick listen just to be sure!

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