Siblings Get To Meet The Person Responsible For Saving Them From Abuse

What a heartwarming story

In October 2003, Carlyle Smith visited the home of Sharen and Michael Gravelle in Ohio, where he intended to apply for a job as a part time caretaker of 11 kids. However, as soon as he entered the house, he realized that something was eerily wrong about the place.

According to a media outlet, Carlyle witnessed some inhumane acts: the Gravelle’s would tell him not to go upstairs where the children slept. Sharen sent one of the kids to a cage after he wet his pants. Michael told him he would know if the kids were trying to escape from the cages if they had blood on their fingers from the wires.

Carlyle was struck by what was happening and rejected the job offer. He called the police. Sharen and Michael were later convicted for child endangerment and abuse.

12 years later, Simon and Abba, two of the 11 kids that lived in the Gravelle house of horrors, shared their stories. They have grown to be inspiring and successful people, regardless of their past.

Though they never had a chance to meet, Simon and Abba remained eternally grateful to Carlyle, because they would not be here today if he had not made that call.

“If he was here right now, I would gladly give him the biggest hug ever and tell him that I love him,” said Simon. “He saved my life. He saved her life.”

In the video below, it is pretty evident that Simon and Abba have no idea that Carlyle is hiding backstage. A very emotional reunion awaits them.

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