Shelter Friends Are Adopted Together After Woman Notices Incredible Bond Between Senior Cats

They simply wouldn’t separate.

Sadly, cats and kittens often have a hard time finding their forever homes. Not as ‘popular’ as their canine counterparts, felines are quite frequently left to age alone in shelters around the world. Thankfully, 11-year-old Mojo and 16-year-old Max had each other to lean on.

via Purrtacular

Playing patiently in the Anne Arundel County Animal Control shelter, the senior cats were hoping for a miracle. Mojo and Max had developed a strong connection with one another over the years. Their bond was unmistakable not only to the shelter employees, but potential adoptive parents as well.

Finally, the magical moment arrived. One kind soul picked Mojo out of all the caged animals, selecting him as her new beloved pet. There was only one problem: Max was being left behind!

via Purrtacular

“The idea of him living out his life in a cage just broke my heart,” the adoptive mom said.

Prying the two lifelong friends apart was nearly impossible, not to mention terribly sad! In that moment, it was clear. The young woman figured if she was taking the plunge rescuing one cat, she might as well rescue two instead! She returned a few days later to adopt sweet little Max, of course, with Mojo in tow.

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