She Took A Break From Motherhood. Got Caught Getting Shit-Faced By Daughter

Cheers! Drink to that.


Nikki spent her whole life as a devoted mother and wife. However, her failing marriage sent her spiraling into depression. To heal herself she did something, well, unconventional.

She decided to “take a break” from motherhood, leaving her 13-year-old daughter with a friend over 3000 miles away.

Her daughter was already naturally heartbroken, but then pictures of a debauched and drinking Nikki started popping up all over social media.

While her friend struggled to pay the bills while taking care of her daughter, photos of Nikki kept popping up at decadent hotels around the world.

Her daughter is now pleading her mom to stop acting like a “child” and return to her. However, Nikki has had it with being a mother, and she wants more from life than to just be home “baking cookies.”

The entire family finally made it to the Dr. Phil Show. They tried to make Nikki see sense, and initially she was deeply resistant to it. However, her daughter tried to make her see that she was still a mom.

Dr. Phil helped her see that having fun, living life, and being a Mom, didn’t all have to be mutually exclusive. You could have the best of both worlds. All she had to do was make responsible decisions.

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