She Thought She Just Had a Hangover, but Tragically, the Truth Was Fatal

Jennifer Gray died after mistaking symptoms of Meningitis for a hangover.

After a night out with her friends, Jennifer Gray spent the next day with a brutal headache.

Jenn's Tartan Army/Facebook
Jenn’s Tartan Army/Facebook

She assumed it was just a really bad hangover, but soon, she would be rushed to hospital by her dad after going into a coma.

While there, Jennifer tragically passed away, and it was only then that her parents, Edwina and Jamie, learnt that their daughter had suffered from bacterial meningitis.

Now, Edwina and Jamie are hoping to raise awareness so we can avoid this sad, deadly mistake ever happening again.


They say that their daughter had been dealing with a sore throat and a cough for quite a while, and missing classes due to illness. Jennifer studied Forensic Science at the University of Scotland in Paisley.

Jenn's Tartan Army/Facebook
Jenn’s Tartan Army/Facebook

The night before her death, Jennifer went home early feeling sick.

“Her symptoms were atypical. She didn’t have a rash. When she phoned NHS 24, that was one of the things they were asking her. Even when Jamie took her to the out-of-hours GP, the doctor thought she had the flu,” said Edwina.

“I was shocked by the condition she was in. She looked horrendous. Within that hour since I last saw her, there was a rapid increase in symptoms. The hospital said they hadn’t seen the illness move as fast as with Jennifer. She came in with vague symptoms and within hours, she was dead.”


Following her tragic passing, Jennifer’s organs were donated, saving five different lives. She was also awarded a posthumous degree from her university.

Jenn's Tartan Army/Facebook
Jenn’s Tartan Army/Facebook

Along with her friends, Jennifer’s parents have now raised over £10,000 for the Meningitis Research Fund, within just 5 months of her death.

“I just want people to know how fast the illness took her. One minute she was fine. The next minute she was brain dead. We want to keep on going to make sure something like that doesn’t happen to anyone else.”

For more information on the illness, you can visit the meningitis NHS page at this link, and you can follow Jennifer’s family and friends as they continue fundraising on their Facebook page, Jenn’s Tartan Army.