She Hid Pregnancy From Sister For 9 Months, Then Appears At Her Doorstep With Brand New Baby

This was a big surprise!

Hannah and Ben Hinders hadn’t seen ANY of their family members for ten very long months … the perfect amount of time to get pregnant, hide the baby, and deliver a perfect little girl without telling a single soul. Surprisingly, they did exactly that.


Residents of Honolulu, HI, the new parents planned their surprise perfectly. They stopped seeing their family members for 10 long months. Then, as soon as their daughter was born, the couple planned to visit their family with little baby Ivy in tow.

After saying that they would ‘bring something,’ the Hinders made the trip to Hannah’s sister’s home. As soon as her sibling answered the door, the girls erupted in a simultaneous ‘surprise’ greeting before Hannah made a special announcement.

Daily Mail

“This is your first niece,” Hannah explained. “We told you we were going to bring you something.”

The woman was in complete and utter shock, barely speaking through tears of joy running down her face.

Next up? Hannah’s parents. They didn’t have a clue what to expect either.

Daily Mail

“We brought you a granddaughter! We thought you needed one,” Hannah explained to Grandpa while holding the newborn in her arms.

One by one, family members were told the great news and couldn’t believe what they were hearing! After all, they’d just seen photos of the new mom in an itsy bitsy bikini on the beach! Most assumed the couple had adopted a child. Hannah and Ben quickly set the record straight!

Daily Mail

Watch the emotion-filled, teary, and shocking surprise in the video clip below!

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