She Collapsed And Couldn't Go Any Further, But These Kind Men Help Her Reach The Finish Line

They sacrificed their own positions to get her to accomplish her goal of finishing the half-marathon. How awesome!

If you ever finished any type of marathon, you most certainly felt that moment when your legs cease to work and you don’t think you can take even one more step…

Unfortunately, this happens to many when the precious finish line is just a few feet away.

This woman almost completed the Philadelphia Love Run Half-Marathon, but suddenly her legs began to give out. She tried her very best to walk the remaining stretch, but you could instantly tell it hurt her too much and she wouldn’t be able to make it any further.

That’s the moment when two wonderful runners came to the decision to forfeit their shorter finishing times and help the woman cross the line.

Another man acted in the kindest way when she was unable to take even one more step. Watch the video below and find out what it was!

These guys didn’t finish first, but they definitely deserve an award for their amazing sportsmanship! SHARE this heart-melting video on Facebook with family and friends!