She Adopted The Absolute Perfect Baby, Then 3 Years Later, Birth Dad Shockingly Calls From Jail

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In May of 2013, Edward and Tammy Dalsing felt just thrilled to bring home their adopted baby girl, Braelynn Puckett…


The Rock Hill, South Carolina, couple has a contract with their local Department of Social Services which allows them to be foster parents to many children in need, such as Braelynn.

Shortly following her birth, Braelynn’s biological mother tested positive for drugs in her bloodstream. At only 3 weeks of age, the young baby had to be taken away from her mother. Edward and Tammy immediately brought her into their home as a foster child.

In the meantime, Braelynn’s father was imprisoned. At the request of the birth mother, the Dalsings had officially been declared the little girl’s adoptive parents.

Years went by and Braelynn got to grow up in a healthy, happy, and loving home with her new adoptive family. She had seven wonderful siblings too- that’s a lot of family love! Edward and Tammy watched little Braelynn develop a love of ballet, and nature’s great outdoors.

However, three years following her official adoption, in December of last year, the parents received a sudden phone call that resulted in their complete shock.

It turns out that Braelynne’s biological dad had been released from jail, and started something that would flip the family’s life upside-down…

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