Sex Attacker Messes With The Wrong Jogger, Ends Up Worse Off Than Victim

The whole fight got recorded on a fitness tracker!

This Seattle jogger was enjoying her ordinary run in Golden Gardens Park a week ago when an attacker tried to overpower her in the park’s public bathroom. It was every woman’s worst fear, a nightmare come true…

After a horrifying struggle, Kelly Herron fended off her attacker, leaving a GPS trail that her fitness tracking device recorded from beginning to end.

The assailant is a sex offender registered with the system, and was definitely hit with a completely unexpected twist when Kelly managed to overpower him, even finding a way to lock the man inside of one of the bathroom stalls until the police arrived.

“Not today, motherf***er!” she yelled at him, reported ABC News. What the attacker didn’t realize was that Kelly took a self-defense course only weeks prior to the incident. She said she “utilized all of it” when it came time to remember the techniques.

Kelly described her awful experience on a shocking Instagram post, where she also uploaded a screenshot of each movement the fitness tracker recorded during the terrifying ordeal. “My face is stitched, my body is bruised, but my spirit is intact,” she said in the caption of the post. This creep definitely didn’t pick the right jogger to attack, and thankfully Kelly walked off from the ordeal better than ever!

The Instagram post uploaded by Kelly Herron, a Seattle jogger, shows the shocking movements recorded by her GPS-linked fitness tracker during a horrific confrontation with a sex attacker.

Although Kelly was said to have been pushed down onto her knees, the tough woman picked herself up and proceeded to overpower the assailant.

The incident happened inside Seattle’s Golden Gardens Park, in a restroom open to the public, where the assailant had been hiding.

Kelly’s attacker definitely picked the wrong woman, and now her spirit has more strength than ever!

After the incident, police arrested the sex offender, 40, and he seems to have ended up much worse off than his victim after the ordeal.

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