Self-Conscious Baby Won't Stop Crying, Until Her Mom Starts Filming Her

This is all kinds of cute.

Every rational parent knows and fears the days when their baby just won’t stop crying their lungs out. This baby girl was having one of those days, until one item changed everything.

Juliette’s mom was very tired, as it was late and baby Juliette had no intention of stopping crying. As you can see in the video below, little Juliette cries and sobs and turns and screams, despite the fact that her mother, who has probably tried everything at this point, is right in front of her.

Probably out of options, Juliette’s mother turns on her camera to film her baby. While this may seem weird at first, given that there is no reason to record a crying baby, the mother has a method to her madness. After a few seconds, the crying Juliette realizes there is something weird happening.

She opens her eyes and they lock on to the camera in mommy’s hand. Then, in the ultimate twist of deceit and trickery, transforms her mood completely.

The splotchy, red-faced baby is there no longer. The baby transforms into a cute, smiling little bundle of love.

She continues to smile at her mother, who has just added the most potent weapon to her arsenal when it comes to the battle of nighttime and sleep. Check out the hilariously cute video below.

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